2022 Decorator Trends Hail Back to the Classics… and Sustainable Design

Whether you’re preparing to sell your home or looking to spruce it up a bit after making the switch to working from home, you’ll be interested in what designers are saying about what’s trending for 2022.

The 2020 pandemic impacted everyone in different ways, of course, but suffice it to say, many of us spent more time in our homes when the world shut down. Our houses turned into miniature schools, workplaces, gyms, and more. Unexpectedly, in a return to a slower pace and a former time, our lives revolved around our homes again.

And we became more interested than ever in the look and feel of the space where we were spending most of our days (well, and nights and weekends, too!). That strong interest is showing up in what’s trending these days.

Most people want their homes to feel welcoming and comfortable, to accommodate extended time at home, and to continue functioning well as a multi-purpose space where a home office is just part of the layout and kids can easily switch to online learning.

With that in mind, here are some of 2022’s hottest trends:

Classic with a Twist of Nature’s Inspiration

Most would agree we feel better when we’ve spent a little time outdoors. A quick walk around the block, a stroll through a park, or something as simple as a cup of coffee on the back porch refreshes us. So, as you’re thinking about sprucing up the homeplace with classy trends, why not add a dose of inspiration from the outdoors? 

In 2022, decorators say au naturel is one of the hottest trends!

Natural colors

You can’t go wrong with classic white walls. They go with everything and leave your options wide open for adding color. And yes, you do want to add color!

Warm neutrals such as tans and beiges are also trending now. Besides being warm and welcoming, they’re so easy to dress up or down, and they blend well with deep shades of green, rust, or other earth tones that are strong right now.

Sticking with neutral tones gives your home a classic, timeless appeal that can easily be brightened with colored accents over time.

Natural fibers

Going hand-in-hand with natural colors are natural fibers. Think lighter wood for floors and cabinets, bamboo and rattan for furniture. Then, go for classics such as linen, wool, cotton, and other natural fabrics for furnishings.

StoneGable says, “The pandemic has swung the pendulum back from harder surfaces like acrylics and painted surfaces to softer, more natural, and sustainable surfaces like rattans.”

When you’re thinking about furniture and furnishings, stick with softer and more natural, and you’ll be on trend for 2022.


Decorators say bring on the greenery in the new year, too. Green, leafy foliage is a must in a world where we’re striving to benefit from bringing the outdoors in.  One of those benefits is keeping the air in our homes fresh — removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen.

But depending on the plants you get, they may also filter toxins from the air. With the pandemic drawing everyone’s attention to the air we’re breathing, this is certainly good news and a welcome trend for 2022!

Biophilic Design

And speaking of greenery, green design is in. More specifically, biophilic design, which emphasizes taking inspiration from nature in the way we design built environments, light them, and ventilate them. 

Living walls, fountains, and circadian lighting are good examples. If you want to incorporate green design in your home, just think…the closer to nature the better!

Shapes and Patterns


The Home Stylist points out, “Circles are the softest of geometric shapes and we love that furniture with rounded edges can bring a modern edge that still feels cozy and warm.”

As we’re looking to make our homes cozier than ever in the wake of the pandemic, think chairs with rounded arms and backs, cabinets and beds that have built-in arches, flowing lines in the furniture rather than sharp corners and edges. Round tables also fit the bill in this modern craving for cozy warmth that feels safe.


You can also add patterns to the mix in 2022! Look for floral patterns and geometric shapes to take center stage. Incorporate them into your decorations with pillows, bedding, throw rugs, and more.


Or add patterns with wallpaper! Yes… you read that right. Wallpaper’s staging a comeback, and in 2022, it’s better than ever.

No more ripping and tearing the wall when you want to switch to a new look. Instead, easily change the entire feel of a room with the new-and-improved version of a classic tool in a decorator’s toolbox — wallpaper. Today’s version sticks and removes easily for more convenient repositioning that doesn’t shred the sheetrock.

Sustainable Alternatives

Nature-inspired decorator trends partially point to — and result from — a growing interest in sustainable living.

“Sustainability has taken on a wider meaning. It’s not just about choosing products that don’t hurt the environment. Sustainability is about finding and repurposing furnishing that has been used and giving it a new life.”

  – StoneGable

The Environmental Protection Agency reported in 2018 that 9.7 million tons of furniture and furnishings ended up in US landfills. That’s a lot of sofas and chairs! Not to mention cabinets, carpeting, tables, and more.

In the 21st century, more and more people seem to be paying attention to this kind of startling statistic and making changes to make a difference.

In the decorating world, that could mean anything from buying used to upcycling furniture you already have. Refurnish it. Paint it. Give it new life by repurposing and reusing.

Recycle. Reuse. Upcycle. We’ll see these growing trends continue to strengthen in 2022 as interest in sustainable living also continues to increase.

Get your home sell-ready when you follow this guide to 2022 home decorator trends. Give the Gaskill Realty team a call before you start prepping your home, and we’ll walk you through the process from sell ready to sold.

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