Featured Retailer: Roi Parker Salon

About Roi Parker Salon

Gaskill Realty is pleased to feature Roi Parker Salon, an internationally recognized company that brings personalization and sophistication to Cameron Village. Filled with phenomenally skilled hair artists from around the country, they aim to bring their expertise of hair to you. Established by owner Roi Parker in 2014, they aspire to serve Raleigh’s prestigious community. The staff strives for excellence by attending national and international hair shows or classes to continue education. As artists, they believe it is their duty to seek further education for themselves and to extend that to others. Taking opportunities to grow in leadership and skill, they often lead classes and meetings with other artists within the industry. They bring their vast knowledge of all things hair to you in their studio location, styled with class and finesse. They want you to get everything out of your appointment and more. They believe in clear and precise communication to provide you with an excellent experience in the chair. All appointments come with in-depth consultations, whether it is your first time or tenth. They make great efforts to get your service right, every time. To learn more, visit roiparker.com.

Roi Parker Advanced Hair Retail Line

Roi Parker Advanced Hair made its debut in 2014, with 13 items with the initial launch. It features three different types of shampoo and conditioner, for varying hair needs–along with several key styling products, including our best selling hair spray Butch It Up. The line was designed to be universal, and suitable for all hair types and textures. It works with natural and chemically treated hair, as well as with all ethnicities. The line’s goal is to encompass all, just like our logo which is a compass within a compass within a compass. It was important for Roi to develop products that would be suitable and safe for use for every single person. In October of 2018, the line launched the Biotin Serum that quickly became a best seller–averaging one serum selling each day. Clients are used to consuming biotin pills orally, but this serum is the first of its kind. It is a revolutionary topical serum with the same healthy hair benefits people are familiar with from the oral biotin pill. It promotes healthy hair and scalp, and leaves hair with a silky shine.
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