Having the Advantage When Selling Your Home in Winter

Traditionally, selling a house is left for the warmer months but there are some advantages to throwing the routine out the window. With a few specific tweaks here and there, you can woo prospective buyers into your home during the winter and get them to sign on the dotted line. It’s all about making the most of what you have available to you. 

Pros of Selling in Winter

While it’s been touted that the winter season can be a difficult time to get buyers into your home, those that are actually looking may be more serious about buying. This means unlike summertime, you won’t have to deal with persons who are only looking and aren’t truly interested in making an offer. 

That might not sound like a big deal, but this can lead to quicker closing times as buyers want to get into the home as soon as possible. You’ll also have the advantage of less market competition in the winter months. The combination of focused buyers and small inventory can certainly work to your benefit. If you’re planning on getting a bigger home, winter is a great time for you to get better mortgage rates as well.

Clear Out Clutter

Before you can show your home to prospective buyers, you need to get rid of clutter. Winter is a great time to get this done. As you’re spending more time inside, it’s easier to pinpoint high-clutter areas that need to be dealt with.

When decluttering, tackle one room at a time and get rid of all expired items first. You can then donate things like clothing that are in good condition and pack away what you’ll still have a use for. If there are personal items like furniture that you’d like to keep but they wouldn’t work well when showing the house, you should look into storage options. Beyond packing things up into totes, look for offsite options so house hunters aren’t encumbered by your boxes.

The cost of these storage areas can be a little high in areas like Raleigh but you should look out for deals. For example, you can get 15% off and the first month free from CubeSmart Self Storage – Raleigh on Capital Boulevard.

Staging for the Season

Along with clearing the house, Quicken Loans suggests rearranging your furniture so buyers will find the home cozy and inviting. Since it’s cold outside, buyers will appreciate walking into a nice, warm house. You can pump up this perception by introducing warm textures throughout the house by using soft throws on the sofas and fuzzy blankets on the beds.

Brightening your home with the right light fixtures can also create a welcome contrast to the gloominess of the outdoors. You can use lamps in the bedrooms and living room. Hanging lights and under-cabinet lighting can make your kitchen stand out in a good way with buyers. Don’t forget to keep the outside well-lit as well.

Exterior Appeal

Keep in mind that when it comes to a great wintertime listing, you can’t just pay attention to what’s happening on the inside. You’ll have to focus on your curb appeal as well. This includes keeping buyers safe by keeping the entryways free of snow or debris and having user-friendly steps.

You should also keep the outside vibrant with colorful chairs and a front door that pops. If you have an open house event, you can surprise buyers with a cup of hot cocoa instead of cookies to keep them warm while looking around. You should make sure the gutters are clear so there will be no unpleasant overflow surprises. To keep the floors clean throughout the day, it’s good to have mats at entryways and provide visitors with plastic booties for their muddy shoes.

Selling your home in winter might be off the beaten path but it’s far from doomed. In fact, there are times when the season can work in your favor. If you make use of the suggestions given and show your prospective buyers a home to remember, you can have your home sold quickly.

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