Jolene Johnson: Bringing Balance To The Real Estate Buying And Selling Process

buying and selling real estate with ease




These are but a few of the qualities Jolene Johnson brings to Gaskill Reality. And they’re not just words… This is how she lives her life. 

Combining yoga with being a real estate agent is classic “quid pro quo”—Latin meaning something given, something gained… A win/win situation. 

Jolene’s clients are guaranteed to receive her best effort and energy. Whether finding that perfect place to call home… or finding a buyer when one is ready to move on from a property… She makes the process as simple as child’s pose. 

In return, Jolene is happy to experience each new challenge, knowing her positive energy is flowing in all directions. Oh, and she also thrives on knowing she’s obtained a win for her clients. 

Did we mention that Jolene is a yoga instructor?

When not working with clients, you can find Jolene teaching yoga several times a week… positioning herself and her students into challenging poses. One pose of significance is anjali mudra, commonly known as “praying hands.” At the end of class, Jolene ends this centering pose with the word, “namasté,” which is then repeated by her students. 

One interpretation of “namasté” is “The divine light within me bows to the divine light within you.” Jolene wishes to share a unique experience with her clients as she does with her yoga students. 

At the end of her classes, participants are inspired, relaxed and at peace. Jolene brings the same calmness, inspiration and mindfulness to the home buying and/or selling experience… Finding a place that both inspires and relaxes her clients. 

A win/win for everyone. 

Thinking of buying your first home…or ready to sell? Contact Jolene today!


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