Preparing Your Home for a Sale – What’s On Your To-Do List?

When thoughts turn to selling your home, your mind races with questions. Probably the first thing you think about is where to start. There’s clutter that needs to be removed, gutters look shabby, should I clean my carpets, what about a fresh coat of paint, the yard is a mess… well, maybe I’ll just stay where I am…sound familiar? Preparation is key to minimizing the stress of selling your home. It can also be the difference between selling for your asking price or settling for a lower offer.

Experts agree there are key updates or “fixes” that you should do when getting ready to put your home on the market. A little bit of attention and cleaning up can go a long way.

“Preview” your home as if you were a potential buyer.

Start from the outside. Stand at your curb or across the street. What attracts you to your home? Does it look warm and welcoming on the outside?  Would you be attracted to it?

Cleaning out weeds, putting down fresh mulch and trimming bushes will give your yard a clean, neat appearance. Adding a few planters with flowers appropriate for the season to add color would brighten up the yard.  If your driveway and front walk look dirty, consider power washing the surfaces. Either rent a machine or find a buddy that has one. Are there any pieces of trim on your front porch that need to be painted or fixed? Human nature leads us to judge a book by its cover. You don’t want buyers to be disappointed on your porch before they even walk in the door. A wreath on the front door or a new door mat is a very simple and welcoming touch.

Once inside, carefully view each room and plan to declutter, declutter, declutter. Oh, and did I tell you to declutter? This cannot be overstated! Buyers want to buy your house, not your home and all your stuff. Think about what items you can remove to make your rooms look larger and neater. Remember, less is more. If an item doesn’t add to the feeling of the space, remove it. This is a good time to donate or sell furniture, wall decor, and anything else you no longer need or want.

Remember, less is more. If an item doesn’t add to the feeling of the space, remove it.

Remove personal items such as family photos, the softball trophies on the shelves and knick knacks from family vacations, so the buyers can imagine their personal items in your space. 

Have a set of new, clean towels and throw rugs for your bathrooms. Keep them in a closet and just put them out when you have a showing. 

Take a look at the carpeting. It may be too much of an expense for you to replace the carpets but a good professional carpet cleaning may be enough to spruce them up for showings. 

To paint or not to paint…that is the question! A new coat of paint will give each room a fresh, clean look and feel. Neutral colors are recommended when preparing your house for sale. You may love that lemon yellow in your kitchen but that could be completely distracting to a buyer. And remember, your buyers will keep a mental list of all the things they may need to do or want to change when they move in. A long list might result in a lower price offering or no sale at all.

So the basic rule of thumb is think about what would attract you to buy a particular home and then make sure your house is exactly that. 

Lastly, ask a professional for help! Our experts at Gaskill Realty can be those “new eyes” to make recommendations on what you need to do to prepare your house for sale. We can help you with staging and we can help you price your house according to the market. We are here to eliminate some of your stress. We make it simple!

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